A number of our students have not given consent to be contacted for surveys (regards the ILR privacy notice question). Where do we stand from a legal / data protection perspective when it comes to sending them the baseline survey?

The ILR allows learners to opt in or out of being contacted for general market research, however it does not exclude people from research informing government policy, such as the London Learner Survey. Under the ‘public task’ lawful basis, and in line with the ILR privacy notice, we are permitted to invite all learners to […]

Due to the questions asked in the survey around wellbeing, the survey may identify learners who are struggling. Is there anything we can do around safeguarding?

As the survey must remain confidential we can’t contact specific learners based on their responses, however we are investigating for the mainstage what signposting or support for learners might be possible.

You mention a student number is asked for in the survey. We don’t usually give our students a student number on registration – do we need to generate one?

We will use the student number in two ways – to check if a learner has already completed a baseline survey and does not need to do it again, and to allow us to match the data from the baseline survey to the ILR (by looking up the number entered in the survey against the […]

Will providers be able to see which students have completed the survey and which haven’t?

No, we can’t show which students have completed the survey unfortunately. This is for two main reasons: 1) Data protection rules mean that we need to keep this confidential, and 2) We may not initially know which students have taken part, as it depends on what information they give us at the baseline stage. We […]