What should we do if learners have issues completing the survey?


The survey has been designed to be as straightforward as possible, but we recognise that some learners may have difficulties completing it due to language or literacy issues or lack of digital skills to get online. The online survey has been translated into six of the most common non-English languages in London, while the survey introduction is available in an additional four languages and enables learners to request a telephone interview in their own language if needed. IFF will also send all providers a batch of paper copy questionnaires and reply-paid envelopes which can be distributed to learners on request. If you find that many learners are coming to you with issues completing the survey, please remind them of the options to do it on paper or in a different language, and see the troubleshooting suggestions in the Tutor FAQ document. Please also feed back to your liaison officer at IFF about any substantial difficulties your learners are facing.

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