What does administering the survey involve?


Administering the survey for the baseline involves:

Identifying learners who are eligible to take part in the baseline survey. For the pilot survey only, IFF will provide you with guidance on which learners/courses to invite. For the mainstage learners doing any GLA AEB-funded course, except for short taster courses, should take part in the baseline.

Distributing the survey link. The link can be distributed anytime from when they first enrol on their course, to two weeks after they have started their course. If students are taking part in more than one course around the same time, only one link will be needed per student, and students will only need to complete the survey once.

Encouraging students to complete the survey. For the survey to be fair and representative, we need as many eligible students to complete it as possible, so we will ask you to encourage students to complete the survey. IFF will provide you with email and reminder text and publicity materials.

Keeping your IFF Liaison Officer updated. So that we can monitor response rates, we will ask you to provide IFF with monthly updates of the number of eligible learners starting courses that you are distributing the survey to.

Providing alternative survey options to ensure accessibility. The survey is available in different formats to ensure accessibility, and we ask that providers support students to make use of these where needed. The online survey is translated into five of the most commonly spoken languages in London. The homepage is available in the ten most common languages, where learners can request a telephone interview in their own language if needed. For learners who cannot complete the survey online, a batch of paper questionnaires and reply-paid envelopes will be made available to each provider.

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