I’m having a technical problem with the survey, what do I do?

If you are having problems making the survey work online, please speak to your course tutor. They may be able to help, or they can speak to the research company that is running the survey, who will try to fix the problem.

We also have some help for technical problems below:

I can’t get into the survey / the survey link doesn’t work

– Make sure you are typing the survey link into the address bar of the browser. This will be at the top of the window and have “http://” at the start. Do not type the survey link into a search engine such as Google.

– If you are using a laptop or computer, try using a different browser (e.g. Chrome or Microsoft Edge). If you are using a phone or tablet you can scan the QR code on the survey posters or leaflets.

I asked for a unique survey link to be emailed to me, but it hasn’t arrived

– Check your Junk email folder – it may be in there

– It can take up to an hour for the emails to arrive – you may just need to wait a bit longer

– You might have typed your email address wrong – you can go back into the survey and ask for the email to be sent again

I paused the survey and now can’t go back in

– If you requested a unique link by email, you can pause and re-start the survey. However, for security reasons, after you pause you will need to wait 15 minutes before you can go back into the survey.

– If you did not request a unique link, if you close the survey you will need to start again. You can start the survey again by clicking the link in the email from your provider, or by typing in the survey address from the posters or leaflets, or scanning the QR code.

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