Learner frequently asked questions


You do not have to complete the survey, but it is important that as many people complete this survey as possible. This is so that lots of different kinds of people can give their opinion and no one is left out.

The survey will be run twice – once at the beginning of your course, and once a few months after you finish your course. The survey is to find out what sort of changes happen in people’s lives while they are studying, so the first survey needs to happen before you properly begin studying.

Yes, there are different ways you can do the survey.  The survey is online, and so you can take part using a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer.

The full survey is available in English, Polish, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil and Turkish. You can also request a telephone call in Punjabi, Portuguese, Somali, Urdu or Arabic to help you do the survey.

If you would find it difficult to do the survey online, you can ask to do the survey by telephone.

You can also ask your learning provider for a paper version of the survey, which will be in English.

If you need help filling in the survey (whether online, or on paper), please speak to a tutor at your learning provider and ask if they can help you.

If you are doing courses starting in different months, your learning provider might ask you to do more than one survey. If your courses are starting very close together then you will only be asked to do one survey.

A research company called IFF Research is running this survey. There is a small team of people working at this company who will be able to see the answers that you give to this survey. These people are not allowed to tell anyone else about your answers. Your answers will not be given to anyone else, and no one else will be able to see them in a way that is linked to your name. Your learning provider will not be able to see your answers.

When the survey is finished, all of the answers from learners in all the different learning providers in London will be put together, analysed and written about in a report. The report will say things like “20% of people were studying English”. The report will not mention anyone’s name.

This survey is to understand how people’s lives change while they study, and after they have finished studying. Studying can influence people’s lives in different ways. There might be changes to the job you get after studying, but there might be other changes too, like how happy you are, how confident you feel, or the kinds of people you spend time with. It is important we know about all the different changes that might happen in people’s lives.

Yes, this survey follows all the rules about data protection. All of the answers you give in the survey will be kept completely safe and will not be given to anyone else.

If you want to see the answers you have given in the survey, or if you want to change your answers or you want your answers to be deleted, this is fine. You can find out how to do this on the IFF Research website.

If you are having problems making the survey work online, please speak to your course tutor. They may be able to help, or they can speak to the research company that is running the survey, who will try to fix the problem.

Taking part in the survey will help provide better information about how studying helps learners, which will be used to improve courses and learner support. If you take part in the survey and provide your contact details you can enter a prize draw to win an iPad. The draw will take place on the first day of each month, for people who completed a survey during the previous month, and the winner will be selected at random.